[Is it good to eat pork every day]_Pork_Eat often_Influence

There are indeed a lot of nutrients in pork. Eating in moderation is very good for people who are deficient in meat, anemia, etc. Experts say that even healthy people insisting on eating the right amount of pork every day is very good for the body.It will be very harmful to health, so be sure to eat any food in moderation.

First, is it good to eat pork every day?

Studies have found that eating moderate amounts of pork daily is good for the human body, but excessive consumption of pork may increase the risk of colon cancer.

The survey showed that among female respondents, compared with those who consumed less than 25 grams of beef and pork per day, those who consumed 80 grams or more of these two types of meat daily had a 48% higher risk of colon cancer.

Among male respondents, those with a daily meat intake of 100 grams or more had a 44% higher risk of cancer than those with a daily intake of less than 35 grams.

Second, the healthy eating method of pork 1. Pork is an acidic food. Animal foods are all acidic foods. The final metabolites in the human body cause the acid-base balance of the blood to be imbalanced.

Therefore, when eating meat, when you mix some alkaline foods such as vegetables, fruits, milk, etc., you can generate cationic alkali roots after metabolism in the body.

Tea can also neutralize acidic products in meat.

2. Substitute green pork to replace high-quality pork from pigs with high quality, healthy environment for growth and development, safe breeding, scientific management, distance slaughtering, divided packaging, storage, transportation, and sales.

Inspection seals are complete, do not buy private skewers.

3. Fresh hot meat just slaughtered from mature meat is not yet mature, it does not rot, it is difficult to chew, no taste, and it is not easy to digest and absorb.

It is best to eat chilled meat. This kind of meat is left for 24 hours in an environment of 0 to 4 months. The pork is soft, tastes aromatic, and is good for nutrient absorption.

4, scientific cooking is encouraged to simmer continuously in the fire, which can reduce harmful fatty acids and plasma by 50% each, and increase the unsaturated fatty acids that are good for health.

Furthermore, cooking pork and legumes together can reduce the effects of cholesterol.

Because soy products contain a large amount of lecithin, a small amount of special emulsifiable plasma, which makes the plasma and trace particles smaller, suspended in the plasma, and not deposited on the blood vessel wall, thereby preventing the formation of atheromatous plaque.