[How to make Hawthorn Braised Meat]_Homemade Hawthorn Braised Meat_How to Make Hawthorn Braised Meat_How to Make Hawthorn Braised Meat

After returning home from work, I should make a delicious table for the family, but eat a few meals every day. What should I do today?


Do n’t worry, today I will introduce you a delicious and delicious hawthorn braised pork. Come and learn!


Wash pork belly 2.

Prepare seasoning 3.

Burn the wok, burn the skin of pork belly slightly, and then wipe it with water. This is the practice in my hometown. Many places do not have this step.


Cut into 5 pieces after scraping.

Boil water in the pot. After boiling, simmer pork belly for five minutes.

When ready, remove the spare 7.

Boil the oil in a wok. After the oil is hot, put white sugar and slowly turn sugar 8

This step should be boiled slowly, until the sugar color turns pale yellow and you can prepare a spare 9

Boil oil in another pot.

After the oil is hot, add the green onion, ginger, garlic, pepper, aniseed pepper, and chilli 11

Add pork belly and stir-fry with cooking wine12.

Pour in the syrup you just cooked and stir well to coat the meat pieces with sugar color 13 evenly.

Add more water, as it is best not to add water halfway through. Put a few hawthorns and cook on medium heat for an hour14.

When it’s about to cook, put salt on fire and collect the juice.

The solution of the hawthorn teriyaki meat has been introduced in detail, and you need to do it yourself.

And when you pay sweat and make a wonderful delicious, you must be very happy.

And if you often eat such fresh and healthy food, you will naturally become healthier.