[How to make Beijing chicken rolls]_Home-made methods of Beijing chicken rolls_How to make Beijing chicken rolls_How to make Beijing chicken rolls

When we have health, we must learn to cherish it, and proper daily diet is an important aspect of maintaining health. It should be recognized that many home-cooked dishes are both healthy and delicious, and people can choose to eat them.It’s very simple, and it takes a while to make it.

1. Prepare a piece of chicken breast 2. Cut the chicken breast into strips 3. Prepare the onion ginger eggs, starch, cooking wine, allspice 4. Prepare the chicken breast with egg white, starch, onion ginger cooking wine, chicken essence, and some salt., Keep the plastic wrap in the refrigerator for at least 30 minutes and take out 5, put a little more oil in the pot, put the star anise to boil the aroma, pour in the marinated chicken fillet and cook.

6, put another pot, put a small amount of oil in the pot, put two spoons of sweet noodle sauce in the bowl and mix thoroughly with water, pour the oil into the pot 7Out.
8. Finished chicken fillet picture 9. Prepare a large bowl, put some flour into a batter 10, spread it into a cake 11 in an electric cake stand, prepare cucumber sticks 12, put seafood sauce on the cake, and put cucumbers.Put chicken fillet.

It can be eaten when rolled up. According to the rolled up, the finished chicken burrito is easy to make. If you work long hours and have no time to cook, you can try to make this dish.Simple cooking, add seasoning to suit your taste before leaving the pot.