[How to make Matcha Red Bean Melaleuca Crispy]_Homemade method of Matcha Red Bean Melaleuca Crispy_Making Tea Red Bean Melaleuca Crispy _Making Tea Red Bean Melaleuca Crispy

Now let ‘s introduce the method of matcha red bean milli-crispy, everyone remember to make it yourself after reading it.

Only by doing it can you learn to cook.


12 Weigh all the ingredients and add the flour in A into the flour. Add lard and water, salad oil, and sugar to the middle of the flour wall to knead the smooth and even dough (the dough that has been successfully kneaded is hand light, plate light, dough light), Because you use low-gluten flour, you can knead for a while, the kneaded dough is slightly gluten.


21 Knead the dough, cover with a slightly damp cloth, and wake up for about 20 minutes 3.

The material in B has been kneaded into the dough in the same way to become green tea puff pastry. After awake for about 20 minutes, the white dough is flattened and wrapped in green tea puff pastry.

The wrapped dough is flattened and rolled into thin pieces of attachments. Fold the quilt by military training. Fold both sides to the middle, and then fold in half in the middle.

In the process of waking up noodles, we can fry sesame seeds and stir-fry until low-flavored.

Add sesame seeds to the red bean paste to make the sesame bean paste filling 7.

Squeeze the small dough, roll it a little, and wrap it in the right amount of bean paste and sesame seeds.

Closing 8.

Preheat the oven, 180 degrees, medium level, heat up and down, 15 minutes, 160 degrees and 10 minutes, depending on the oven.


You’re all set to introduce all the steps of Matcha Red Bean Melaleuca, you must have basically mastered it.

So what you have to do next is to do it yourself. Only through continuous practice can you achieve real food.