Thought here, she smiled, Gu Hong Sheng pulled his arms:


  Must have been treated and Yongning Houfu general, not the strength of the generals mansion, is home minister of state court, the other party wants to control them.


  Rou Jiang refused and ran away, is very anxious, said: “No, ah, I have to listen to the closure of State, I signed a deed of.”


  This puzzle somewhat difficult to Ann, he thought for a long time, stuck in a middle position, and always find the right pieces to house.


  However, Xiao Yu Although people back, but they lost several years of memories, who do not know him so many years out of life where you are, and what kind of people live together, what happened.


Heard this speech cloud and Princess foggy, but to capture “would be unthinkable,” the word, could not help her heart clench up: “so serious?I ask that master, may have ways to break?”


  But she does look this body is not muc南宁桑拿论坛h convincing, so Heng-yu said nothing, one hand holding the reins, the other pressed on a horse, without the aid of stirrups, stand up straight on the horse, action very crisp.


  However, she called disappointment is yet to come, she would have thought the old Zhu made a fortune because of the high horizons, this marry not want to talk wenjia.Enjoying the cool shade, but seven or eight days time, the old Zhu said on the other end of the village with Silk Niu became.